Super Sunday

Slept at 1AM then woke up at 5:30AM to attend the 6:30AM mass in St. Clare Monastery. Went home to change clothes and prepare my things for the HIIT (high intensity interval program) with my friend since elementary. photo IMG-20140309-00954_zpsa00ec49a.jpg

I’ve been wanting to try strength and conditioning in Elorde, finally Katipunan branch offers HIIT! I was so excited and immediately sent a BBM to Lhove, my fitness buddy. 

photo IMG_0899_zps4e86ce4d.jpg

Finally, the day has come for me to experience HIIT.

photo IMG_0890_zps98bcd969.jpg

photo IMG_0889_zps411afee9.jpg

photo IMG_0894_zps71646ddf.jpg

photo IMG_0897_zpsd6a0f926.jpg

That’s Coach Edward writing on the whiteboard. He’s writing all the exercises for our HIIT session. The focus on today’s session was arm and core. 

photo IMG_0901_zps028e5914.jpg

My favorite part was the Plyo Run which is in the third round. I really enjoy it than doing crunches and really I hate push up! I just can’t do it. haha. 

photo IMG_0902_zps355de390.jpg

My arms are sore because of round 2, it’s lifting! 

photo IMG_0891_zps286023f3.jpg

photo IMG_0898_zpsbe21eec9.jpg

photo IMG-20140309-00949_zps97978bce.jpg

I had so much fun with our session. We’ll make it a habit! I hope my schedule will be kind to me. 

photo IMG-20140309-00956_zpse17cd559.jpg

photo IMG-20140309-00958_zps15edc6e4.jpg

And finally, our December plan of having a lunch in Banapple has been made into reality. 

photo bb882_zps9e77efbe.jpg

And I was able to purchase my BBAT today! 

I don’t know how I was able to survive the day with just four hours of sleep. But still, I’m so thankful for having a super Sunday!



Today, I had an 8-hour duty instead of the scheduled 12-hour duty. And it’s the last day of my favorite month, my birth month! 


photo 1780061_10201549558841198_1169284558_o_zps6f1e2d4e.jpg

Caesar salad! Currently my favorite, haha. Thanks Joyce for introducing it to me! <3 Yen, Laine, Pau and I had dinner in Gumbo as my pre-birthday celebration and Laine’s despedida. Too bad, F1 and F2 are not complete. 

photo 1421071_10201549558961201_1115912393_o_zps03e8174a.jpg

As usual, Pau is late and she arrived when the food is already arrived. Sakto forever!

photo 1801338_10201549561001252_1762319822_o_zpse0cdce04.jpg

photo 1598943_10201549565921375_1911111417_o_zpsbeb9f49f.jpg

The future lawyer of F1&F2. Yen, a lady of great ambition. 

photo 1614546_10201549566761396_1186835130_o_zpse80cb4ca.jpg

Pau, my classmate/friend since high school and we went to the same university. The ‘kindest’ in our group! hahaha

photo 1617333_10201549561641268_1988831152_o_zps9ea33e62.jpg

photo 1780023_10201549568561441_959824047_o_zps6553f302.jpg

photo 1658507_10201549572641543_1950687770_o_zpsf052e12d.jpg

Laine is now abroad! Gave her a present, a watch, so she’ll always remember me whenever she’ll look at the time. I may not have a real life sister, but I found one in her.  

photo IMG_0874_zpsade68105.jpg

Korean dinner with my dearest Teng. We really eat a lot. We can talk about the craziest things and we have a lot of common interests. She’s beyond lovely and sweet! 

photo IMG_0875_zps42f0c06d.jpg

photo 1900015_10201618060473696_174495104_n_zps8c8eb440.jpg

A movie date with a lady more than a pretty face. Spent some time with Mamiku and her boyfie during one of my rest days last week. I was so inspired with all their future plans together. Ahh, such a lovely couple. 

photo IMG-20140214-00927_zps9c9c5af4.jpg

photo IMG-20140217-00935_zpsc7ecc7bc.jpg

photo 1601304_10201606525025317_1124934068_n_zps645632e9.jpg

photo IMG-20140219-00936_zps068f79ed.jpg

photo 1897848_10201518457863693_2081041918_n_zps01b3fc0a.jpg

photo 1912381_10201549570361486_861862545_o_zpscfe7bb5a.jpg

photo IMG_0862_zps47424e71.jpg

I’m so thankful to everyone who made this month an amazing one for me. May we all have a great month of March.


Music of Love

Born in the love month. A cupid baby but never allowed to be hit by the cupid for the second time. It was around several years ago when this cupid baby was hit for the first time, since then she made a promise to herself that she’ll be the better version of herself for the new one but only to realize that she spent those years building an invisible wall protecting her from falling in love.

Unicorns, rainbows, candies, such lovely thoughts when it started. The electricity that flows to her body when he touched her hair for the first time during one quiet day walking with her head down in the hallway. Those simple messages that makes her giddy all throughout the day and a lot of simple acts that he didn’t know that made her so happy because she’s never been a girl who shows her feelings so well.

But then again not everything will end up happy just like the fairy tales. There were no longer those butterflies or even a zoo inside her stomach when he is near because every time she’ll see him reminds her of the pain that no one ever could explain. She was so jealous for she knows that there’s something inside the equation, she was substituted and the love equation was solved for him yet she was left somewhat broken.

And then the music of love was chosen to be stopped by cupid baby. She never listened to it again, until the day that a man will come to make her realize that it’s worthy to hear it again and together they’ll dance with it in a perfect harmony.   


Land Far Away

January 15-16, 2014

photo 1601227_10201423181241837_361039986_n_zps0af2f185.jpg

photo 72937_3861550393958_1796319531_n_zpse43ba34a.jpg

photo 1010815_10201423192842127_1880433817_n_zps135cfc3d.jpg

photo 1549219_10201245558409712_558093006_n_zpsf0053d9e.jpg

photo 1508006_10201423197082233_469700901_n_zps9aba5eb1.jpg

photo 1511191_10201423181361840_1352592014_n_zpse9a27ecc.jpg

photo 1546387_10201245547409437_424168606_n_zpsc079df87.jpg

photo 400613_10201423212602621_2124132895_n_zpsa699c0a3.jpg

photo 1604965_10201245390045503_1976405343_n_zps9d4f2d96.jpg

photo 1017251_10201245387685444_349026941_n_zps5c9957e4.jpg

photo 148595_3861465231829_1284727877_n_zps1ff3bd44.jpg

photo 24296_3861431270980_421043787_n_zps8426e2a8.jpg

photo 1557530_10201423218242762_722658846_n_zpsa6151f99.jpg

photo 1010399_10201423226162960_1318407009_n_zps2b13a9b1.jpg

photo 1488049_10201423235083183_322567537_n_zps7bf9be72.jpg

January, time to go back in Tagaytay to enjoy the cold weather with the whole team of Diyosa. We just went to random places enjoying the good company of each other. Ended up sleeping early in the morning despite of not being part of the drinking session because of the horror stories that they keep on telling me. How great it is to be the youngest in the team. I really don’t drink alcoholic beverages, call me anything you want but I really won’t give in on drinking one. The next day, we spent time in Nuvali. I’ll go back to Nuvali and gonna try wakeboarding.

Did this entry by the time I got home. Finally, a day off after 4 nights of duty. I was insanely late for my meeting with Joyce . I wasn’t able to wake up  quarter to 2PM despite of 16 missed callls from her. What a shame! I was 1 hour and 30 minutes late. I was so sorry,accepted all the rants of Joyce. My fault. Oh well, we were supposed to jog around UP but it ended up on having a talk in Starbucks and a dinner treat of Joyce in Pizza Hut.

A question that hit me today was, “If you would like to change something in your past, what would it be?” Coach Anton’s question made me think. Answered it in a different context. And he said that his answer will be none, you just need to focus on your present and hope for the future.  

I’m looking forward to the day of not dreaming to be in a land far away. I know fairy tales really don’t exist but I’m gonna create my own real dose of fairy tale. 


Partners Forever

photo 522430_10201381652403642_1988862901_n_zps2aa9e4a1.jpg

photo 1506794_10201381646563496_375996014_n_zpsf94452ea.jpg

photo 1506557_10201381651203612_748195611_n_zpsc3641891.jpg

photo 1528757_10201381662963906_1710411805_n_zps1038694f.jpg

photo 1010391_10201381650763601_1120300693_n_zps39a60fa3.jpg

photo 1606990_10201381654043683_727550987_n_zpsab41389f.jpg

photo 3778_10201381659243813_1134776142_n_zps0f67bb99.jpg

photo 1544399_10201381665123960_540399046_n_zps638d6376.jpg

photo 1555410_10201381666483994_764982387_n_zpsebf8afc6.jpg

photo 1499458_10201381679284314_851708789_n_zps979c7edf.jpg

photo 1525529_10201381682404392_487699171_n_zpsa5c75a8c.jpg

A friend who will gladly accompany you in an amusement park. A friend that will help you face your fears such as riding those extreme rides. A friend that will double check if your safe within your seat for a roller coaster ride. A friend who’ll not get tired hearing your random stories. A friend that will ask you if you’re okay just because she noticed that you suddenly became silent. A friend that will make you smile whenever you’re down. A friend that can extract the creative juices of your brain. A friend who’ll suddenly hug you with no reason at all. A friend that will always welcome you in their humble home.  A friend that is so sweet beyond words. A friend who is unaware of how much she influenced your life. A friend that your favorite professor way back in college categorized as your partner in crime. A friend who’ll understand your so called curfew. A friend that you can call as one of your life’s angels. A friend that can make a simple moment a special one.

That’s Denise, my forever partner in crime. We had a pre-birthday celebration for her, started by having a dose of our favorite purple potate latte in Subspace Coffee then had dinner in Ye Dang and to cap off the night we had a concert. Haha!

Spotted my favorite marshmallow cake in Subspace, so I immediately told one of the staffs (in a ninja way haha) if we could request for a happybirthday message with the marshmallow cake in a plate. Of course, as a surprise to Den, we also asked the staffs to make a Happy-Bday-Den latte! So thoughtful of the staffs to give the marshmallow cake, free of charge!

The personalized T-shirt was planned a month before her birthday. Thank you Abi (my college friend) for being so patient with my requests for the T-shirt design. Yes, that shirt was inspired by GD’s boss shirt.

God has it’s ways and He blessed me with so much wonderful friends who are able to understand my weirdness and accept the real me.

It was another year of celebrating the birth of one of my great friends. I’m pretty much excited to celebrate the upcoming birthdays of all the lovely people in my life.

Ahh, it’s already February!! My favorite month!! 


Christening of Baby Lerisse

Happy New Year everyone! Another year to be filled with great memories and awesome journey. 

Aside from celebrating the new year, I attended the christening of baby Lerrise in Bulacan together with some of my college friends.

photo 1545976_185685998296748_606579964_n_zps9c0d6374.jpg

photo IMG_0615_zpsabcd7a62.jpg

photo IMG_0616_zps5dfbbc99.jpg

photo IMG_0617_zpsb8e8263a.jpg

photo IMG_0618_zps6dde3eba.jpg

photo IMG_0621_zpsf3914c7c.jpg

photo IMG_0623_zps2d9d860e.jpg

photo IMG_0625-Copy_zps33633ce8.jpg

photo IMG_0627_zps250d4b2e.jpg

photo IMG_0631_zps9ac9fe90.jpg

photo IMG_0635_zpsb300a0aa.jpg

photo IMG_0637_zps956d0961.jpg

photo IMG_0644_zpsc8e9e11f.jpg

photo IMG_0645_zps6b0bc335.jpg

photo IMG_0649_zps1bd2a667.jpg

photo IMG_0650_zps91b3d27e.jpg

photo IMG_0655_zps7fa6d791.jpg

photo IMG_0660_zpsd399c6bb.jpg

photo IMG_0663_zps2ddbf2bc.jpg

photo IMG_0667_zps5a26cee2.jpg

photo IMG_0668_zps6c3544b5.jpg

photo IMG_0669_zps25e2c9fe.jpg

photo IMG_0675_zps49f8279c.jpg

photo IMG_0676_zpsb65f6216.jpg

photo IMG_0680_zps95cb73cb.jpg

photo IMG_0682_zpsefb25a58.jpg

photo IMG_0672_zps1fda1bfe.jpg

Thank you to my dearest pinsan Leng and Marris for inviting us. Baby Lerisse is so cute. 

Welcome to God’s family baby Lerisse. Ninang Mafe loves you!


Snapshots while on duty

An ordinary day turns out to be extraordinary by being with your favorite people. Simply making fun of each other no matter how busy our duty can be. 

photo 1517599_10201118470832602_242251764_n_zps4f1e512b.jpg

photo 1526317_10201118471192611_523035209_n_zps720755b9.jpg

photo 1509231_10201118471592621_931442181_n_zps52aaf68a.jpg

Kalokohan blues during endorsement! 

photo Capture_zps9cc9a667.jpg


photo 639175316152-2013-12-306_zps8121804c.jpg

photo 639175316152-2013-12-307_zps6cd8364d.jpg

Tabelle and Ma’am Rhea got something from one of our patients. I was the charge nurse that day so, ayun na nga haha! Got nothing. wahaha! Daya kasi ni Tabelle, sabi ko ako mag bedside eh. haha!

photo 639175316152-2013-12-3019_zps98c2ae3a.jpg

photo 639175316152-2013-12-3022_zps46b746c4.jpg

photo 639175316152-2013-12-3020_zps22c108c3.jpg

photo 639175316152-2013-12-3021_zpsc5450b99.jpg

photo 639175316152-2013-12-3017_zps57ad010a.jpg

photo 639175316152-2013-12-3015_zpsa40f7a11.jpg

photo 639175316152-2013-12-3012_zpsa6b9ac68.jpg

photo 639175316152-2013-12-3011_zps99d842af.jpg

photo 639175316152-2013-12-309_zps83fa336a.jpg

photo 639175316152-2013-12-3010_zpseebea2d1.jpg

photo 639175316152-2013-12-302_zps138f0881.jpg

Photos yesterday, my last duty for the year 2013! Ma’am Khae visited us! I miss her, the whole old 3F.  

2 DAYS OFF! See you next year MDH! 



My 2014 Checklist

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. I like having my own checklist every year on the things that I want to do for that year. With that, it’s more fulfilling.

photo a839a067-6035-4237-a533-149f7a75e47e_zpsd1867e9a.jpg

Here’s some included in my list.  Some are from my 2013 checklist and I want to do those again.

  • Learn how to ride a bicycle (this has been on my list every year, until now I still don’t know how to ride a bicycle haha)
  • Learn how to drive
  • Get passionate about a cause and help
  • Volunteer/help a charity
  • Help build a home with Gawad Kalinga
  • Join and win a contest
  • Treat someone with no reason at all
  • Ride a zipline
  • Be in a sunflower garden
  • Learn how to surf
  • Learn a new language and use it
  • Learn how to play an instrument
  • Learn to say no and mean it
  • Ride a banana boat
  • Run a marathon
  • Save money (my savings target is a secret haha)
  • Take a holiday trip
  • Take a day off on my birthday
  • Try a new hairdo. Maybe try having my hair dyed.
  • Make a list of 23 things I want to buy on 2014 and buy it all
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Become an early riser (I’m a sleepaholic and alarm clock can’t wake me up, uhmm hello Mom!)
  • Donate blood (again)
  • Be eco-conscious
  • Go bungee jumping
  • Visit the Senate/House of the Representatives
  • Learn how to complain effectively and do it
  • Attend a huge concert
  • Travel to  a new destination
  • Celebrate Chinese New Year
  • Learn how to cook
  • Start a reward fund
  • Have a healthy lifestyle
  • No more junk foods. No more cheating with my mom. Haha
  • Help with household chores (I don’t do anything at home. Haha!)
  • Become someone else’s dream (haha)
  • Become more patient and understanding
  • Visit and explore all memorable spots at my school
  • Participate in a flash mob
  • Give seat to an old person/pregnant woman
  • Take my brother on a date
  • Surprise Mom and Dad on their birthday
  • Organize a reunion
  • Dance in the rain with a joyful heart
  • Do a scrapbook
  • Go parasailing
  • Go ice skating (again)
  • Do a cliff dive
  • Ride all the amusement park rides (again)
  • Have an online hiatus
  • Contribute an article for a newspaper/magazine
  • Improve my penmanship (haha, this applies when I do charting)
  • Make someone cry because of too much happiness
  • Make someone feel they’re special (hello friends, family and relatives!)
  • Sing a song for someone
  • Do something crazy that will make me thick-faced! Haha
  • Smile more
  • Read at least 30mins a day (I miss this)
  • Learn something new each day
  • Be in a place where I belong, the place where I can be the best version of myself

That’s it. Some are just too personal and I chose not to include it here.

Today will be my last duty for the year 2013! PM duty. Thank you 2013 for the wonderful memories!!!

2 days off! I’m so excited for 2014!

According to Pantone, radiant orchid is the color of the year 2014.

Have a great new year everyone!


Twenty Thirteen

It was another year of learning and new experiences. I have my own share of frustrations but over-all this year has been somewhat good to me.

 photo 2013FINAL_zps56e308fd.jpg

  • I’ve learned how not to trust easily.

There are people who will betray you, so I am always mindful of whom to trust.

  • Expectations.

I have my own expectations to myself so I don’t need anyone to add on it. Work expectations are way too different from school. I have my own share of stupidity, that’s the reason why I don’t want anyone from work to know about my history in college, because it’ll just make them expect too much from me. I simply hate that! I’M NOT PERFECT!

  • I don’t know a lot of things but I know something that someone might not know.  

I hate seniority issues. There are some who are like monsters who’ll eat you when you’ll ask questions that are so lame for them. I don’t get it why they tend to be mad, they can simply answer it or ask you back the question in a nice way then they’ll guide you. What’s the sense of having a senior on duty if you’ll be like a monster to the new ones? Point? There should be teamwork. One can learn from the other. 

  • Silence.

It is still my best companion whenever I get pissed with someone. I don’t curse, but I’m not an angel. I also have my own temper tantrums. It’s just I don’t talk when I’m mad. You’ll just feel it. Oh I think, I had a lot of temper tantrums this year, nakakairita kasi. Nuff said.

  • Life is not always about rainbows and butterflies.

You can’t always be with lovely people. There are some who’ll ruin your mood early in the morning or their mere presence irritates you.

  • A no means no.

I hope next year, my no will be accepted as no.  I must really stand to my decision.

  • Friends > sleep

I can sacrifice my sleep to be with my beloved friends. I will never trade those times that I was able to spend with them. I think 2013 has been the year that I spent more time with them.

  • God has plans.

2014 will the best year!

  • No one will like you better than yourself.

I’m not beautiful. I’m not even interesting. I am boring and awkward. I’m a snob too. Yeah, how lovely! Haha

  • Thankful and blessed.

Despite of my own share of frustrations in life, I’m still looking forward to each and every day. 2013 has been a very memorable year for me, AND I’M SO READY FOR 2014.  

Praying for more good vibes for 2014 and may the bad spirits be away from my life. 



November 10, 2013

Burgoo, Tomas Morato

Post birthday celebration of Berns and Angelica.

We used to be strangers but having common interests we instantly clicked and became friends. 

photo 1469999_10201004112965392_1575918535_n1_zpsb03b87e1.jpg

photo 1457746_10201004118365527_1857826344_n_zps9784a65a.jpg

photo 1450907_10201004127805763_181865006_n_zps2b37e5b7.jpg

photo 1450738_10201004120885590_911294232_n_zps90b8e193.jpg

photo 1395385_10201004137766012_778557085_n_zps02cdb473.jpg

I only had only 3-4 hours of sleep last November 10 because I was from night duty. Past 1PM, I arrived in Trinoma to meet the gang. There we bought gifts for Berns and Achi Alysh then we headed to Tomas Morato.

It was the post birthday celebration of Berns and Angelica. Two tables were reserved. The first one is for Angelica’s buddies then the second one is the group of Berns on which I was included. Food overload! The Teng family wasn’t able to come over dinner. Almond Vosotros was there. The Teng brothers were able to catch up after some of us left already.

I left around 8PM because I was scheduled as night duty. Oh nurse! I just went home to change into my uniform and voila I left the house again. Haha! I survived my night duty as the charge nurse with just 4 hours of sleep. To Berns and Angelica, thank you for the scrumptious dinner.

It ‘s always a good time with you guys! See you soon!!! <3