Photos: BU7

May 10, 2014

Location: Metrotent

Another Bloggers United installment! Wohoo! Dragged Pau to accompany me in going to BU7. I went to their house too early! haha

photo 1_zpsdcafc652.jpg

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Pull Out Day

April 23, 2014

Location: Robinsons Place Manila

Due to the last minute cancellation of a seminar, the three of us had duty not in our home station. It was when our census is down. We only had 4 patients. 

I was pulled out in 6F aka the Cancer unit. Imagine my face when I was listening to their endorsement. Clueless and so overwhelmed. 

I was the last one to go back in 3F because of the buzzer beater admissions.

photo 10308248_10202799076290335_8881323457481350615_n_zps1d6832f3.jpg

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April 5, 2014

Location: Crystal Place

Samantha turns four! Hello Kitty themed party.

photo 1962408_10201853725805182_8231190472409859638_o_zps46b89612.jpg

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March 28, 2014 

Location: T.G.I.F Eastwood

A welcome back dinner and post birthday celebration of my dearest Macy. When I was planning this get together, I came to realize that almost half of the barkada is already abroad. 

photo 1966903_10201819537910506_1059091183_n_zps927b44a6.jpg

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Super Sunday

Slept at 1AM then woke up at 5:30AM to attend the 6:30AM mass in St. Clare Monastery. Went home to change clothes and prepare my things for the HIIT (high intensity interval program) with my friend since elementary. photo IMG-20140309-00954_zpsa00ec49a.jpg

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Today, I had an 8-hour duty instead of the scheduled 12-hour duty. And it’s the last day of my favorite month, my birth month! 


photo 1780061_10201549558841198_1169284558_o_zps6f1e2d4e.jpg

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Music of Love

Born in the love month. A cupid baby but never allowed to be hit by the cupid for the second time. It was around several years ago when this cupid baby was hit for the first time, since then she made a promise to herself that she’ll be the better version of herself for the new one but only to realize that she spent those years building an invisible wall protecting her from falling in love.

Unicorns, rainbows, candies, such lovely thoughts when it started. The electricity that flows to her body when he touched her hair for the first time during one quiet day walking with her head down in the hallway. Those simple messages that makes her giddy all throughout the day and a lot of simple acts that he didn’t know that made her so happy because she’s never been a girl who shows her feelings so well.

But then again not everything will end up happy just like the fairy tales. There were no longer those butterflies or even a zoo inside her stomach when he is near because every time she’ll see him reminds her of the pain that no one ever could explain. She was so jealous for she knows that there’s something inside the equation, she was substituted and the love equation was solved for him yet she was left somewhat broken.

And then the music of love was chosen to be stopped by cupid baby. She never listened to it again, until the day that a man will come to make her realize that it’s worthy to hear it again and together they’ll dance with it in a perfect harmony.   


Land Far Away

January 15-16, 2014

photo 1601227_10201423181241837_361039986_n_zps0af2f185.jpg

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Partners Forever

photo 522430_10201381652403642_1988862901_n_zps2aa9e4a1.jpg

Pre-birthday celebration of Denise in Subspace. 

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Christening of Baby Lerisse

Happy New Year everyone! Another year to be filled with great memories and awesome journey. 

Aside from celebrating the new year, I attended the christening of baby Lerrise in Bulacan together with some of my college friends.

photo 1545976_185685998296748_606579964_n_zps9c0d6374.jpg

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